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When Paul and I met just a few years ago, we started out as two friends who enjoyed all the same things. As time went on, we realized we were more than just friends and our feelings turned into love. The great thing is we will always be best friends and we think that is the most important asset before getting married.

There will be a beach of white sand, tropical flowers, music and crystal clear blue waters, what more could we want? A beach wedding has always been what we have dreamed about and it is going to be so wonderful to have our family and friends joining us.

Please join us in the celebrating of our marriage with dining, dancing, drinks and a good time! Our wedding reception will be right after the wedding at Paséa Hotel & Spa. We are going to have a guitarist play while we eat and a DJ for dancing, and a little Karaoke. (Paul wants me to point out that this was an "Andrea Idea"). We've picked out the most wonderful menu...okay Paul picked it all out...if you know me you know that my taste in food would not have worked. Trust me you are going to love the wedding cake!